Parents, Looking for a FUN and EXCITING
OVA Elective class?

If you are, then this OVA karate program is for you!

This program will help your children to build lasting friendships and know the joy of competition in a safe place with a positive attitude that really gives them the building blocks and life skills as a springboard into their future.

 For Children and Teens 
Children & teens will receive Ranking in Traditional Tang Soo Do Karate!
This is a Great way to Kickstart your child’s athletic program and give them the 
opportunity to be on a Sport Karate team! 

NOW Taking registration for school year 2022-2023

Classes are for Teens/Kids age 6 to17 with 60 minutes of High Energy Karate Fun!  

Karate Program is a 14 week Semester 
Students will receive: Free Karate uniform
One 60-minute class each week on Tuesdays from 10:00am -11:00am 
for the entirety of the semester (14 weeks)
Students will have the opportunity to test for 1-2 belt levels per semester
(Belt testing fees are not included in the program price)
Class will meet at First Baptist Church 208 E 4th St. Davison Mi 48423 / 810.653.9984

Make this Their Best YEAR Ever !

This program will allow karate students to train, compete together, build relationships and give them the opportunities they need to be physically and emotionally ready to engage with and 
shape the world they live in! 

PKSA Davison's OVA karate program is designed to help students learn traditional karate in a fun and exciting way, while learning discipline, self-confidence, leadership, 
self-control, and respect.

Space Limited
Claim your Teen / Childs Spot Today!


Master Lyle

 6th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Karate 
Vice President of Professional Karate Schools of America
Founder; Tuff Girls Fitness Kickboxing Program.
Author Amazon best seller: 
Taking a Stand Against Bullying!
Teaching thousands of students and speaking to hundreds of elementary schools 
across the U.S.
His motto "Stronger Together" Empowering children, teens and adults to live a safe, fit,
 confident, life."

Kyo Sa Nim 
Kristin Stocking

Kristin is a 1st Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor in Traditional Karate. She has been teaching karate for 5 years, as well a veteran homeschool 
mother of 18 years. 

Gabe Stocking

Gabe is a 1st degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor in Traditional Karate. He has been training for six years and is on the PKSA’s National Demo Team. Gabriel enjoys sparring, weapons, and helping students achieve
 their best.